A Long Story
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A Long Story

Skae Gudritz April 6, 2016 0


Dad: Is this going to be a long story?

Me: Is there any other kind?

Dad: Talk to Wendy – I’ll get the Cliff Notes, later.

Brianna sent me an email last August inviting me to be a contributor in April 2016. She knows I am busy, so eight-month notice was very generous. I am writing this at 10:45p on March 31st like a school kid with a paper due in the morning. It might be surprising to those who know me – but I have been at a loss for words.

I’m a talker.

I deep dive into my work, family, home, errands and go hours without uttering a single word.

Then someone reaches out to me. It is the equivalent of pulling a sheet off a caged bird.

When Brie told me, “Day One is about you and what you wish to share,” my mind immediately went to Dad and the question I’ve been asked my whole life, “Is this going to be a long story?”

Dad – this is for you.

25 Things About Me (The Cliff Notes)

• I am a 46
• I have three kids. Made one and the other two came with my marriage – got the Gift Set.
• Love to laugh.
• I have more pictures of Gus and Aspen (they are dogs) than people on my iPhone.
• When I was a single mom, I would create Quiet Time by playing Hide and Seek with Carter (now 22 years old). He would hide, and I would sit on the couch.
• I am eerily calm and focused in a crisis.
• I lack Face Filter.
• I’m convinced that Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful person that walked the Earth.
• I am a perfectionist.
• My husband Jim hasn’t folded a towel since 2004 because he doesn’t do it correctly.
• It is impossible for me to get ready in under an hour – I putter.
• Clowns and dwarfs – let’s just leave it.
• We lived in Denver in 1971 when I was two years old, and I can remember every room in that house, but lose my keys on a daily basis.
• I have Potty Mouth. When my sister calls me from the car, she usually makes the announcement “I’m on SPEAKER PHONE” followed by tiny voices greeting me.
• Baking relaxes me. I should do it more often.
• Wendy, my best friend, has been in my life since we were five years old.
• I love my work.
• A Chimpanzee named Jackson nipped my hand on New Years Day 2004, which was the day after my wedding. I decided it was a good omen since it was the Chinese Year of the Monkey.
• Pretty sure I can quote every line in Forrest Gump.
• I enjoy spending time with my family – they are fabulous.
• I’m addicted to Red Bull.
• I am thankful that Smart Phones and social media did not exist when I was in high school.
• I’m an Ugly Cryer.
• I want to have a beer with Tom Petty.
• I miss my grandfather every day.

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