A Love Affair
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A Love Affair

Cristal Givens October 16, 2015 0


It started with a turntable and care package of old vinyl from my mom’s best friend at the tender age of 6. A collection of records that included Cream, Hendrix and The Doors. I was transfixed by the turning of the record beneath the needle on the arm of the turntable, the art of the album cover, the words on the sleeve and the magical music that it all contained. My love affair with music would take me on the ride of my life!

Interestingly enough, I started playing piano around the same time and found that experience to be completely dreadful, stressful and utterly uninspiring. I knew very quickly my involvement with music would not be in making music. That didn’t deter me from seeking out ways I could be close to the music through reading countless music magazines and saving every penny for more records. Trading tapes was also quite popular back then so many hours were spent drawing band logos and replicating album artwork to make my tape covers look as close to real as possible! I also had what I thought to be was the most definitive list of bands possible in my “music binder”. From then on, music would always be intertwined in my life.

Fast forward 30+ years and I am living my passion every day. I followed my heart and opened a great music school, Alchemy Music Academy. I am blessed to work with amazing musical talent every day, from music instructors to the students they teach. I am so lucky to see that love of music spark in others and have the opportunity help it grow and thrive!

If you’re in the Dallas area, stop by and check out what we are doing at Alchemy! www.alchemymusictx.com


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