A Trip To The Moon
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A Trip To The Moon

Patricia Robinson Washington July 8, 2015 1

A Trip To The Moon

“Yes dear.”
“No dear.”
“MOM, do you mind taking me to the moon and back?”
“Why sure son.”

Halfway to the moon to pick up my overSEXED, er I mean overSIZED teenager, he calls and says, “never mind.” He has either found a ride or is going to “UBER” home. (Insert Eyes Rolling and Deep Breath to Maintain my Cool!) Welcome to my world! A day in the life as a mom to a teenage son! I feel like I blinked and my sweet, innocent little boy became a man! Speaking of innocent, look how sweet and innocent I look!


It has not been easy, but it has been fun. I am a baseball mom and if you know anything about baseball moms, you know that we are in a league (no pun intended) of our own. We drive countless hours all over town for practices and games, and we coach from the stands because you guessed it, WE know the game better than the coaches and the umpires themselves do!

Last Summer, my son had to do without me quite a bit as a result of my chemotherapy, followed by a double mastectomy. He got the chance to play in the Jewish Teen Olympics: The Maccabi Games, which took place three weeks after my double mastectomy. I was adamant about being on that plane so I could experience him playing baseball. Oh yeah, and it didn’t hurt that the games were held in Boca Raton. Any who, I mothered my kid through this ordeal and I have to say that baseball was our saving grace. We had an amazing support group of, you guessed it, baseball moms!

Our world is not always simple and that trip to the moon is not any shorter, but I manage to get it done. I have survived the public farting competitions and the belching and knuckle cracking competitions. I have survived the countless trips to the supermarket, having bought groceries on Monday and watched all the food disappear by Tuesday and I have survived talking to my son about drugs, alcohol and sex. So hey, I think it’s safe to say that Mothering Through Cancer has been a success!


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  • Skae says:

    Teenagers are challenging enough when you are HEALTHY! Loved this!

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