A Wild Ride
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A Wild Ride

Kerrie Fielden September 2, 2015 5

A Wild Ride

People are always asking. “Where’d you get him?” Cliff came into this world a big guy, 10 lbs. 3 ½ ozs., and he hasn’t slowed down since.  At 6’4” he makes me feel tiny and petite (neither of which would describe me). The best part about Cliff though, is his huge heart. My big boy was just a sweet little baby. I didn’t really know what to expect having a son, but trust me; they will steal your heart, fast. There is something about a mother/son bond that is incredibly special. There is a connection there that is hard to explain. I just feel blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift.

All that being said, I wouldn’t say life with Cliff was particularly easy. I think our phone was on speed dial with the Richardson Police Department. I hated those late night calls starting with “Do you own a black Tahoe?” Yes!! We do! It wasn’t that Cliff was always doing anything horrible, he just always got caught doing whatever he wasn’t supposed to be doing or being somewhere he wasn’t suppose to be. Thank goodness it was never life threatening, just very expensive. My biggest fault or downfall, was being so naïve. I always believed his excuses for whatever trouble he might be in that particular day. Wrong! It is truly laughable the whoppers he has told me. Once all of his friends were at a party and the police broke it up and called all the parents to come pick their kids up. Cliff explained to his father and I that “he was not outside with the rest of the kids, but inside talking to the GRANDFATHER the whole time”. Really???

My advice to young moms with boys: don’t trust them as far as you can throw them! They will lie, lie, lie every time. Thankfully, we survived the teen years and with each year since, have witnessed Cliff grow into a responsible, mature young adult.



Then came my sweet Hannah. What a special little girl. Brianna has said that she was the biggest brat of them all when she used to babysit for me.  A mother’s love is blind (to everything) apparently. She was always my easiest. She never met a stranger and made friends wherever we went. She was just a happy go lucky little girl. Hannah has always LOVED boys too. When she had her 4 year old pre-school open house, all the kids came in hand in hand with others. Typically, the order was girls with girls and boys with boy,s but not my Hannah. NO! She comes skipping into the room with her “boyfriend” at 4! I think she has had one ever since too. Hannah was the kid who was everyone’s best friend. She was just a good girl (or at least didn’t get caught!) Hannah is beautiful, sweet, loving and funny. Most times, she is funny without even trying. She thought a 401K was called a “401 okay.” The best part is, she can laugh at herself and all of her nicknames, including Hammy—where she got caught shoving her face with an entire (large) package of ham at 3am in college…to this day her friends still call her “Hammy”.

Hannah was born with blond hair! After a few minutes with her, you will know that it is her natural color. Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth will make your jaw drop. Literally. She is a happy, go lucky, sweet young lady.




Last, but certainly not least, meet baby Brooke. My husband thinks she was an “accident” but trust me; she was without a doubt my most planned child. I can’t explain it, but even with 3 kids at home, I just didn’t feel like our family was complete. Brooke certainly rounded the family of 6 out perfectly! She never stopped babbling, talking, then singing! It was constant.

Brooke was by far the most assertive child. With 2 older sisters, Brooke wanted to emulate everything they did and WORE. I love the pictures of Brooke with a bandana tied around her chest looking like a 16 year old. She would call her kindergarten buddies and tell them what they should all wear to school that day. I had a few angry moms to deal with too. Their daughters wanted to change clothes because Brooke told them they should. She has always been 8 going on 18.

It makes life very interesting. At 16, she finally got her drivers license and like most new drivers she was NOT very good. She insisted on going to the mall with her friends and having waited most of her young life to drive, (seriously since Ivy got hers 7 years before), it was her time. Pulling out of the parking place and backing practically up into the next state, she hit a car. Most people would leave the scene, and I feel certain she would have too, but the lady was in her car. UGH.

Well, the driver started yelling at Brooke (as was her right since her car was just hit) BUT Brooke quickly told her ” You can’t yell at me, because I am a new driver and I didn’t mean to hit your car anyway”.   That’s my girl. I wish I had some of Brooke’s spunk. I know for a fact that she didn’t inherit her assertiveness from her mother. I don’t really worry about Brooke like the others, because I know she will be fine in this often cruel world. My baby is one tough, strong, beautiful young lady.

The Baby Brooke


Life has certainly been a fun, wild ride so far!


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  • I absolutely LOVE how I can hear Kerrie’s voice throughout this post. It is straight from the heart and also reminds us that each kid rolls in their own, unique way. It is our job as mom’s to parent them effectively, according to who they are at their core. As much as we strive to be “fair,” I feel it is “unfair” to put this high expectation on ourselves. Each kid is different, therefore, we mother each kid differently.

  • yep says:

    Are you missing one?

  • Kelly Thompson says:

    Kerrie – I saw this on Facebook. So great to hear about your kids! Would love to get together soon.

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