A Woman of Faith

A Woman of Faith

Angie Knight August 5, 2015 3

Being a “Woman of Faith”

No thank you! That’s what I use to think of “Women of Faith”. I had this stereotypical idea of what a woman like that, would look like. It was visions of a woman in her Sunday best, teaching Sunday school, involved in at least two bible studies during the week and feeding the hungry on Saturdays. She’s a woman I assumed had memorized all the inspirational scripture and one who never said a cuss word.

That’s awesome, don’t get me wrong! We should all strive to do and become at least one of those things if not more in our lifetime, but to be honest… that’s not me!  Trying to achieve these “labels” can actually discourage a girl from becoming their “best you”. If we start to buy into what our imagination tells us is a “Good Mom”, “The Perfect Wife”, “A Woman of Faith” etc…. We create these unrealistic standards that can prevent us from even trying.

A lot has changed for me over the past couple years. Being completely broken and defeated in life actually saved me from the pressures of these crazy standards in my head.

I have new visions now of a more realistic woman. It’s not about proving to the world I am a woman of faith, it’s about believing that I am. It’s about making sure my motives are in the right place and that my mind listens to my heart a little more. It’s little things like being patient with my kids, when really, I want to lock them in the closet.  OR showing grace to the person who cut me off in the Starbucks lane, when really, I would like to show them my middle finger! It’s about a relationship with God. It’s about asking for forgiveness when I have failed in so many ways and on so many days. It is about showing up to church and serving the Lord… but only if it comes from the heart. It’s about loving. It’s about being authentic.

It’s about being me. It’s about being you.

Be the “best you” you can be today. No expectations, no silly unachievable standards… just you. If it doesn’t work out so well today, there is always tomorrow 😉


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  • Anonymous says:

    Nicely put friend! Couldn’t agree more….somewhere between 2 and 4 kids the same transformation happened to me:)

  • “It’s not about PROVING to the world I am a woman of faith, it is BELIEVING that I am.” I love this Angie!! Thank you!

  • Nancy Speck says:

    It’s the believing and knowing that brings one comfort. The proving can quite frankly, wear you out.
    Good job, Angie! You nailed it!

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