Angie Knight

Angie Knight: Wife, Mother, Girlfriend and Trisomy 18 Advocate

What a FORCE she is! I grew up with Angie and her younger brother. She was actually my brother’s 7th grade girlfriend and went on to marry one of my brother’s best friend’s! Angie recently moved from a pretty large suburb to what I consider the Country! She made a deliberate choice to slow down and things are little more quiet in her new town. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do when my brother had friends over, was to pull Angie aside, sit on the front porch with her and just talk. She would listen to me and offered advice like a big sister would and I always enjoyed our time together. Today, we chat as friends and I greatly appreciate her wisdom and coolness. Her story is very special and I’m thankful she has chosen to share it with us!


Angie Knight

Reach out to Angie at angie@knighthome.net and please take the time to learn more about her organization at www.oakeverlasting.org

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1.  My hometown is Richardson,TX
2.  My beverage of choice in the morning: coffee! During the day: water. If there is a happy hour: white wine in the hot months and red wine in the winter J
3.  I usually work contract/part time for the special education field but currently I am full time stay at home Mom working on a non-profit organization
4.  I am a mother of 3. Natalie: 9 Mason:11 Olivia: gone to Heaven last March at 3 weeks old
5.  I am a Christian. I grew up in a Methodist church but we now attend a non denominational church in Fairview, TX.

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