Cristal Givens

Cristal Givens: Friend and Principal of Alchemy Music Academy

I first met Cristal when my husband and I moved to Texas from California. She was my mother’s neighbor and had a sweet daughter a year older than mine. I was so excited to meet another mom and schedule playdates for our girls! Fast forward 8 years and now Cristal has become not only a great friend, but also my creative working partner through Alchemy Music Academy! A year ago, she shared with me her idea to create a music school in Richardson that could provide a safe place for our girls to thrive creatively. She wasted no time and I admire her guts and tenacity to realize her dream. I’m just along for the ride!

Cristal Givens

Cristal can be reached at: CristalGivens@gmail.com and you can learn more about Alchemy Music at http://www.alchemymusictx.com

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1.   Hometown:  Grew up in Dallas (Oak Cliff), Texas but have been planting new roots in Richardson, Texas for the last 12 years.
2.   Drink of Choice: Lime La Croix with an Emergen-C Super Orange
3.   Working Mom: Yes – Everyday unless I am sleeping 🙂
4.   Saxon: 11 Year old Daughter
5.   Religion/Worldview: Spiritually in-tune
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