Kelli Hendrix

Kelli Hendrix: Actress, Singer, Girlfriend and Homeschooling Mama

Now this mom has TALENT with a capital “T!” I have known Kelli for a very long time as her brother and mine were best friends growing up. Kelli and I really connected once we left for college because we were musical theatre girls. When I started to turn away from theatre, she was busy taking it to a whole other level in New York City, reaching Broadway! Aside from her beautiful singing voice and talent , Kelli has amazing depth. She lives her life with strength and conviction and is unapolgetic in the choices she makes as a mother. As a Contributor for Every Mom’s Story, I personally appreciate that she can speak to homeschooling and embracing the differences we all have as mothers.


You can reach out to Kelli here: Teamhendrix at gmail dot com

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1. Hometown: Dallas (ish), TX

2. Beverage of Choice: Espresso with a splash of fresh almond milk or KTs ginger berry kombucha

3. Stay-at-home Homeschooling Mama

4. Ages or Age of Children/Child (Boys/Girls?): Six-year-old girl and three-year-old boy

5. Faith Background or World View: I consider myself spiritual and ever-evolving on this front. I was raised a Baptist and found that it didn’t work for me as an adult. I have a strong spiritual life, but am not confined to one organized belief system.

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