Kerrie Fielden

Kerrie Fielden: AKA: “Mrs. I Do It All With A Smile”

At 9, I showed up on Kerrie’s doorstep, hand extended and introduced myself as her next babysitter! “Hi, I’m Brianna, and I can babysit your kids!” She smiled as she does, but in her head she was thinking, “Who is this girl and there’s no way I’m letting a 9 year old take care of my babies!” I wore her down though and by the age of 10, she hired me on as a “Mother’s Helper.” By age12, I am pretty sure I was taking care of all four of her kids overnight! We laugh about it ’til this day.

Kerrie is known by many titles in my house: Tia Kerrie, Aunt Kerrie, Sister Kerrie and My Dear Friend. I have NOTHING BUT LOVE for Kerrie Fielden. She is 100% raw and honest and really has no filter. She just says what’s on her mind. She reminds me that Mothering never ends. It is constant and Kerrie mothers with Grace! She has supported me and loved me deeply since I was a young girl and now we’ve come full circle. I went from babysitting Kerrie’s kiddos to having them babysit mine!

Kerrie can be contacted at: kifielden@sbcglobal.net

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1. Hometown: Richardson, Texas
2. Drink of Choice: A good Pinot Noir
3. Stay at Home Mom
4. Children/ Ages: Ivy~ 31 Cliff~ 29 Hannah ~ 27 Brooke ~ 23
5. Religion/Worldview: Methodist / Christian

Kerrie Fielden Family

The Fielden Family at Soft Opening for VH Oak Cliff

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