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Kristin Lucido is One Tough Mama!

When I first learned from my friend, Kristin that she was taking up some competitive cycling, my jaw about hit the ground.  Wow! Impressive. And Intense!  To be clear, Kristin’s form of cycling is not the “hop on your bike and enjoy the view” type, but more the “hard core, rain or shine, trails, dirt and obstacles cyclocross!” In addition to be a fantastic athlete, Kristin is a brilliant mind, devoted wife and mother and kind hearted friend. I can’t wait for you to get to know her better as Every Mom’s Story, March Contributor.

Kristin Lucido Every Moms Story

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“I blinked once and then I was 46. Somehow, I arrived at this station in life that includes being a wife, mother of a 10-year old daughter, full-time digital marketing professional in the Fortune 500, amateur bike racer, PTA board member and school yearbook co-editor, dance and volleyball mom, and the list goes on . . . but I’m frankly too tired to finish. That sums me up. I’m passionate about many, many things and I spread myself around to keep everything percolating. Occasionally, something bubbles over and I deal with it, but I’ve usually got everything happily simmering along. That’s my life. It’s full, and I wouldn’t change it.”

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1. Hometown:  Temple, Texas

2. Beverage of Choice:  Coffee in the a.m., wine in the p.m.

3. Stay At Home Mom? Work at Home Mom? Or Work Away from Home Mom?: Work outside home

4. Age or Ages of Child/Children (Boys/Girls):  10 year old daughter, Isabella

5. Faith Background or World View:  I feel closest to God in nature, so I prefer outdoor ‘church.’

To get in touch with Kristin, shoot her an email at kristin@lucidos.com or check her out on Instagram: ridewritemom and Twitter: @klucido

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