Michelle Levall

Michelle Levall: What Doesn’t She Do?

Michelle serves as the Production Assistant, Choreographer, and Main Stage Director for the Repertory Company Theatre in Richardson. In addition, she acts, sings, dances and is one fancy Zumba Instructor! She is also my childhood bestie! When I was in elementary school, Michelle and her family would pick me up every Sunday morning and take me to church. To this day, I am grateful to her family for introducing me to Christ. I grew up going to theatre classes at the RCT with Michelle and her sister, and now all three of us enjoy watching our daughters giggle, sing and act together at the same theatre! Life is fun that way.
Michelle Breedlove Levall

Michelle can be reached at dayshady@yahoo.com. Check out the Repertory Company Theatre at: www.rcttheatre.com

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1.  Hometown: Richardson, Tx
2  Beverage of Choice: Sunkist
3.  Working mom who has the luxury of bringing her lil ones with her.
4.  Ages or Age of Children/Child (Boys/Girls?) 3 girls, Amelia -8, Lucy – 6, Emma – 10 months. And working on number 4!!!
5.  Faith Background or World View. Christian with a strong foundation and belief in Jesus Christ.

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