Monica Lee

Monica Lee: Wife, Mother, Singer/Songwriter and Inspirational Girlfriend!

How I love thee Monica Lee, let me count the ways! I met Monica while attending a large church in Los Angeles. We were both involved in the music ministry there and hit it off! She was in a different life stage than I when we first met. She was married with two kiddos and I was single and wild. What I found in Monica, however, was someone willing to offer spiritual life guidance and a bit of mentoring and accountability. Our shared appreciation for music was also something that bonded us. Monica and her family are in the midst of major life changes (think Big Move from LA to Nashville and an International Adoption process) that are shaping and molding them in new ways. She beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait for you to meet her!


monica lee

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

1.  Hometown:

Pacific Grove, California

2. Beverage of Choice:

Non-fat vanilla latte

3. Stay At Home Mom? Work at Home Mom? Or Work Away from Home Mom?

Work At Home Mom

4. Age or Ages of Child/Chrildren (Boys/Girls)

13 year old daughter, 11 year old son, 8 year old son

5. Faith Background or World View: 

Christian, non-denominational, Jesus believer


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