Natasha Joseph

Natasha Joseph: Monthly Trader Joe’s Wine Buy of the Month Contributor

Wife, Mom, Dear Friend, God-mother to my second daughter, Food, Wine and Fashion Lover, Younique Representative!


Great story on how we met Natasha and her husband. It was date night and we were off to get some sushi. There happened to be quite the wait this night, so I struck up a conversation with a hot young blonde as we waited for a spot at the sushi bar. Of course, my husband is rolling his eyes because I’m chatting it up with a stranger again. Low and behold, we hit it off and half way through dinner decided to send this cute couple a bottle of sake. About 15 minutes later, a whole fried fish came our way! We enjoyed passing food and drink back and forth across the sushi bar and after dinner, proceeded to walk down the street to a wine bar to share dessert and a bottle of wine (ok, it may have been two!). 8 years later, they are still some of our closest friends in Dallas who we consider family.

Natasha loves her some wine and we share the same passion for Trader Joe’s Grocery store! Each month, she will help me out by offering her Trader Joe’s wine buy of the month!  On a side note, if you need a little makeup “pick me up,” grab some lashes and other goodies from Natasha at Lashes From Natasha.


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