Patricia Robinson Washington

Patricia Robinson Washington: Who doesn’t want to be HER Friend?

My Sweet Sweet Diva Woman, Laughing through Cancer! Trisha is a lover and a fighter and one beautiful soul who inspires me everyday to “Let It Go!” I am fortunate to not only trust her with my secrets, but I trust her with my hair! She is actually our family stylist, she takes care of us all! (Although my middle, who is “anti-haircut” has made it very clear she does NOT want Trisha to cut her hair!) The first time I met Trisha was at one of my gigs. I was singing on stage and I witness this larger than life personality enter the venue. I am pretty sure she was wearing a black vintage fashion hat with bird on it. And she was rocking it! The woman has NO FEAR! I deeply admire Trisha’s commitment to stay positive and love on those around her. As you can see from her photo collage below, she makes it a point to not take herself too seriously.

Patricia Washington

Check out her website at www.mytittytriedtokillme.com  She can also be contacted at stilehorse@gmail.com

The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown in her own words!

Hi my name is Patricia Robinson Washington and I am a southern California Native that has lived in the Lonestar state for over half of my life

My favorite drink is water or green tea but one can not live solely on the simple things, sometimes you have to add fermented grapes when discussing how fabulous you and your fellow moms are and don’t forget the dirty martini, shaken, not stirred. when you need to pull out your pearls

I am a working mom. I have been blessed with having some of the most beautiful women of Dallas in my chair… I am a hair whisperer aka stylist that moonlights as an unpaid blogger who is interested in sharing my experience with breast cancer and kicking its tush with laughter

My son, sweet and perfect angel on earth that blocks my hugs and kisses, tells me i don’t know anything and talks on the cell phone all day and is never home is…You guessed it,16!

I am Jewish and although i am not at all extremely traditional, i appreciate and respect our values to know that there is more than one way to observe religious freedoms. I am very interested in love and equality for every human being because i believe that is important. I guess you can’t really put me in a box. If you did, you will have to let me out and you never know whatyour getting!

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