Skae Gudritz

Skae Gudritz: Sister, Best Friend, Fierce Protector

Where do I even begin? My sister Skae is beautiful, loyal, thoughtful, brilliant, hilarious and would do anything for me.  I was her annoying little sister that abused all of her dolls, lost her earrings, broke her lipstick and just wouldn’t be quiet… you get the drift. It wasn’t until a few years after I graduated college, that we finally had a few things to talk about.  And we’ve been talking, laughing and crying ever since. Correction.  She leaves the crying to me. She calls herself an “ugly cryer.” In all seriousness, Skae is our “go to” sibling. Need something researched? Go to Skae. Need advice? ask Skae. Need to win an argument? Just don’t argue with Skae. She is one woman you want on your side!


The EMS Contributor 5 Question Breakdown:

  1.  Hometown:

………… Richardson, Texas

  1. Beverage of Choice:

…….. Vodka, but not at work.

  1. Stay At Home Mom? Work at Home Mom? Or Work Away from Home Mom?

………. Empty Nester – but did both.  Stay at home didn’t “take”

  1. Age or Ages of Child/Chrildren (Boys/Girls)

………… Carter (22) and then from Jim’s first marriage, Jack (22) and Jenna (19)

  1. Faith Background or World View

………… Catholic.  Faith is having confidence, hope and trust that we will be received in the end, depending on how we conduct our lives and treat others.  I do not believe faith can be measured by how often you attend or donate to the church or any other house of worship.  I believe performing simple acts of kindness keeps you whole.


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