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Sometimes it is simply the wisdom they offer in passing or the hug of support when you need it the most. Mothers GET mothers and I believe that many will relate to my story, my struggles, and my views. However, there are many mother’s that I will never reach because we all lead different lives. This is where I bring in a little help from my friends who make up my Every Mom’s Community.  When we take the time to talk to one another, and share in our experiences, we learn and we GROW. The first week of each month, an amazing, honest and inspirational mom, doing their BEST and living REAL life will be featured! We can all gain by listening to each other and allowing ourselves the space to embrace wonderful women! I am grateful to call these women my friends and I hope you will enjoy their stories!

As I reminder, I believe allowing comments is a great way to communicate with one another, but please understand upfront that all harsh and/or disrespectful comments will be immediately removed. Be kind.

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