Thank you for checking out Every Mom’s Story Blog. I launched this blog in 2015 after coming off a heck of a year from having baby number three and becoming a stay at home mom, to opening our family restaurant in Dallas. To say life has been overwhelming since is an understatement! With all that motion, comes the great challenge of maintaining a happy home and happy heart. Deeply appreciative and thankful, I still wrestle with realities that marriage, parenting and carving time for myself are not always simple. They require great effort, great love and flexibility.

In this blog, I will share my real life experiences and introduce you to dynamic women along the way. These women are from all faiths and backgrounds, ages and stages, and are all mothering through their own real life stories. We truly are never alone in our walk. I request that you kindly respect each Contributor’s story by refraining from harsh judgment and inappropriate comments. It is natural and part of our own human nature to disagree when it goes against our own comforts or views on what’s “normal.” Although it is perfectly ok to have an opinion, it is never ok to bash a fellow mother because their views may differ from yours. It is important to me that this blog uplifts, encourages and supports motherhood, not tear it down. Most of the Contributors are my dear friends, and I have chosen them to share for a reason. Because I believe we can all learn from each other and I hope moms will find comfort in knowing there is someone out there “who gets them.” We should all have the FREEDOM to be who we are without FEAR of “mommy crucifixion.” Please understand upfront that all harsh and/or disrespectful comments will be immediately removed.

What You Can Expect from Every Mom’s Story Blog: As a real mom, with real life challenges, struggles, joys, and dreams, I believe it is easy for mother’s to lose their way, and I certainly have from time to time. We get so involved with managing our home, marriage, and work, that we find little time to nurture our own spirit. We lose sight of who we are, apart from our family life. Before all this, what got me excited? What inspired me? What did I enjoy doing? Every Mom’s Story answers those questions and more and will encourage you to create the space to take care of YOU, so YOU can thrive!