Free in 2018

Free in 2018

December 31, 2017 0

FREE IN 2018

I have been inspired to take a stab at this “Word of the Year” thing, thanks to the Money Savings Mom!

If having a “Word of the Year,” is new to you, needn’t fear. You are not alone.  I only learned about it last year when Crystal Paine of Money Savings Mom talked about her Year of REST.

I know she inspired me and other mom’s to say “No” more and live a life less frantic and more intentional.

Truth be told, I have no idea whether choosing a word of the year will stick.  Nonetheless, I am making 2018 my Year of FREE!

Year of FREE


I am very committed to growing my vocal coaching and artist mentor business in 2018, in addition to encouraging other creative artists through my book, Performing Artist Pathway.  In order to do that, I believe I need to throw out the trash and get rid of the junk!

To evolve, I must FREE myself of self-doubt and the fear of failure!  Be FREE to forgive those who have wronged me or broke my heart.  Experience FREEDOM by letting go of past grievances, negativity, anger, and pain that haunt me.

Just by committing to this word, FREE, in 2018, I already feel lighter.  Is it time for you to shed the remains that hold your spirit back?

My dear friend Cynthia shared this with me a while back. Thank you Cynthia!

“I Bless You With Love. I Forgive and Release You.

You Are Free and I am Free.”

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