Is It Time To ReDiscover You?

Is It Time To ReDiscover You?

September 10, 2018 0

Last Spring, I was wrapping up a vocal session with my client Gretchen, and we got to chatting on how wonderful fostering Creativity is for the soul!

We both identified the need for women and specifically mom’s to make the time to take care of themselves, reconnecting to the activities that bring them joy and personal satisfaction. As many of you know, this is one of the major focuses at Every Mom’s Story.

Do you find yourself thinking, “If I want to be productive and successful, than I MUST move quickly and keep up!” Our “gotta hustle” mentality may be breeding chronic stress, which can evolve into serious health problems down the road.

I have found that as more and more women get overwhelmed in their careers and the busyness in taking care of those around them, they lose sight of who they are and what they want in life. They even forget what they are passionate about.

The biggest question I like to ask is “10 years from now, will you beat yourself up over NOT doing something? And if the answer is YES!, that What’s Holding You Back?

This women’s day retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to treat yourself!  It will take you out of your hustle and bustle routine long enough, to rest, be inspired and ReDiscover YOU!

Whether it is personal or professional clarity you are looking for, being a part of this intimate group experience will provide the direction you need to take the next step towards living a more satisfied, less overwhelmed life.

Check Out this Quick Video, where I dive into a little more behind this Vision of this Day Retreat.

What You Can Expect From This Retreat:
  • An Intentional Day for Mind, Body and Soul
  • Guidance & Inspiration From Experts in the Fields of Business, Wellness and Nutrition, Private Practice Therapy, Art and Creativity.
  • Morning Coffee, Snacks and a Catered Lunch from Victor Hugo’s



Are You Still On The Fence? 
Who Is This For?

  • You! If you are struggling to find the time to to reconnect to your needs!
  • You! If you are looking to discover how to live a more purposeful and significant life.
  • You! If you are seeking personal or professional clarity.
  • You! If you desire to create more balance and less overwhelm.
  • You! If you need or miss having a creative or artistic outlet.
  • You! If you are READY to get “UNSTUCK” and create some forward momentum and inspiration in your world!

Take Action by Participating In Small Group Breakout Sessions Dependent on Specific Desires:

  • Creating Change with Ayurveda – A Mindful Approach to Eating + Living: with A.H.P Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Yoga Therapist, Christina Vargas
  • Explore Your Inner Artist: Drawing with Commissioned Artist, Denise Hogarth-Nicely
  • Resilience for the Mind – Release Anxieties and Expand Creativity & Joy: with Therapist in Private Practice, Gretchen Fernandez
  • The Busy WOMANpreneur – Maximize Your Time, Effectiveness & Profitability in Business and at Home: with Performing Artist Consultant and Business Owner Brianna Ruelas




Brianna at Every Mom’s Story


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