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KRAZY KIDDOS: Adding Color to My World

Pardon the Mess

Pardon the Mess


By no means, will I profess to be the best mother or even an expert on the subject of parenting.. but I do have a three young girls, so I’ve had my ups and downs, my success and failures and my mini victories over the years. My children rock my world daily. Sometimes in the most loving, awesome way ever, and other times in a way that sends me straight to the loony bin.  I’ll start by telling you a little bit about my three awesome girls. My oldest: school smart, a pleaser, beautiful, kind heart and spirit. She’s  a great big sister and my huge helper! My middle: smart in a different way, my silly clown, sweet and loving, stubborn and tough as nails. She’s a challenge now, but her personality is one that won’t take crap from anyone! The Baby: Strong and stubborn, silly and serious, and a blend of my two eldest. She is also by far the WORST sleeper of them all. That being said, I have always said, she “gets” me.

I believe every household is different, every child is different and clearly how we parent is different. But with those differences, we can all learn little pearls of wisdom from each other. Our second daughter enlightened my husband and I quickly to the reality that each child is unique.  Although we were raising her the same way as the first, providing structure, praise and discipline, at a very young age, she demonstrated that her personality was all about grooving to the beat of her own precious little drum… or bass guitar. We credit her for bringing laughter into our home. That girl has the most authentic laugh and she is our clown! She is also responsible for turning me grey and for almost preventing our third child from being a glimmer in our minds! Each one of my girls are remarkable and lovely and I adjust my parenting style to reach each child effectively. It is no longer about being “fair.”

The girls certainly add color to our world and although I have days where I’m at my wit’s end, they are more than worth it. It is interesting, however, how reciprocal our relationship is.  As their mom, I  do my best to guide and shape them, but the fact of the matter is, they are guiding and shaping ME every day.