Meet Kelli Hendrix

Meet Kelli Hendrix

Kelli Hendrix November 2, 2015 0

Hello there! My name is Kelli and I am a mother of two (7yo girl, 4yo boy) with one on the way. I’ll be sharing my journey from being a theatre professional in New York, to becoming a natural-ish parent in Las Vegas to being a homeschooling liberal in Dallas. My journey has been a lot of fun!

As I said, I started out as a theatre professional. What that means is that I essentially pounded the pavement in New York City for a few years and worked on and off Broadway and on national tours. I met my husband doing an off-Broadway show and we traveled the country together working on shows for a few years. It was a crazy and exhilarating time for both of us and we look back on it with the utmost fondness. I was a musical theatre performer, so my main focus was on keeping my voice in shape so that I could do eight shows a week—this required a lot of my attention, especially when we were on tours (differences in climate and weekly plane trips all make this really difficult). But I was doing what I loved to do and was, at the time, working my way up in a really competitive industry. My husband was a technician, so he worked backstage on shows and was really great at it…and I have to say that working with him was my absolute favorite thing in the world.


I spent a year working as “Ariel” at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

But all this changed in Des Moines, Iowa, when we were on tour with a show in 2007. We decided, just for the heck of it (ahem) to try for a kiddo. “Surely it won’t happen the first time, right?” Wrong. So there I was, fulfilling my contract, traveling from city to city and experiencing morning sickness. We were thrilled…and totally confused…and feeling all those other things I assume many other couples feel when they become pregnant for the first time. But it was all pretty clear what was going to happen next for us. I knew I wasn’t going to do the show and leave the baby in the dressing room with a nanny…and I knew that my husband needed to stay on the road. SO, after our first was born, a little girl (I had her at a birthing center near my parents’ home), the tour was still going and I gave up my role in the show and started traveling around with my husband on the road. It was a blast! I didn’t have to do any housekeeping or make any meals…I stayed in hotels with him and had my little toot with me at all times. Those were some heavenly days.


Taking a moment to nurse my oldest while hiking outside of Sacramento

Life after the tour started with a bunch of question marks. Hubby quickly started inquiring about jobs in Las Vegas since we’d worked there on a show once before and knew some folks over there. He landed a job on a Cirque de Soleil show and we packed up our little family and moved to Las Vegas. There, I found a group of natural-minded parents and continued my evolution into the world of the “crunchy-mom”, if you will. We were all baby-wearing, co-sleeping, home-birth-loving, peaceful parents and it was just the right fit for my family. When we decided to have a second baby, I had him at home in a birthing tub with only my husband and I in the room (the midwife didn’t make it in time and our daughter was sleeping). It was the most fabulous experience of my life.


Moments after our second child was born in the water at our home. (The midwife arrived and took this about five minutes after his birth).

After our little boy was born, we decided to head to Dallas (my family lives here) to open yet another chapter in our lives. We bought a little house with a big backyard and my husband went into the insurance business. It’s a crazy switch from the theatre, but he just loves his job. As soon as I got here, I started trying to make connections with like-minded folks. I finally found my people—the open-minded homeschooling groups of the Dallas area (there aren’t many to choose from). We are all in the process of taking-off on our homeschooling journey, while also looking forward to home birthing our third little monkey in November.


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