Meet Kerrie

Meet Kerrie

Kerrie Fielden August 31, 2015 0

Meet Kerrie

I have never done anything remotely close to writing a blog. My freshman English class at Texas Tech some 40 years ago is the closest I have come to it! I must love Brianna a lot because this is way out of my comfort zone! Here I go.

My biggest claim to fame is being the mom to 4 great kids. Well, really, 4 grown adult kids who are all college grads, living and working on their own. Trying to “re-design” myself after years of PTA, football, volleyball, drill team and cheerleading hasn’t been that easy. I am still very active in all my children’s lives. It seems that once a mom, always a mom. You know what? That is just fine with me too. My husband even calls me MOM! Not really sure what that is about. I should (could) be a grandmother by now, but they are all having way to0 much fun having “fun.” One day it will happen, I just hope I am not too old to enjoy the babies. If I get down on the ground to play, I want to be able to get back up and live to tell about it.

Meet The Fielden Family

fielden familyMarc 58, Brooke 21, Cliff 29, Me 58 (OMG), Ivy 31, and Hannah 27

I have always said that if I ever ask my children to jump,

Ivy would say “NO”
Cliff would ask, “How much will you pay me?”
Hannah would say “Sure, how high?”
Brooke would ask, “Why, what is the point?”

Let’s begin with the first born, the one that changed my life forever!

Ivy had it pretty tough as a baby. Mainly, because she had me for her mother. I sucked. I was truly afraid of my beautiful new baby girl. Once she was sleeping and we were suppose to be somewhere so I asked her daddy to please wake her up. He said “hell no! you wake her up”. We were both terrified of a 2 year old. Can a little girl really already be a bitch?

When she was 3, she decided to act like a brat, while shopping for her little brother’s birthday presents. She WANTED something too and was making a big scene to get her way. A man that looked just like Santa Claus walked right up to her and asked her what her name was. She shook her head furiously and wasn’t about to reveal her name. Santa man said “ I work for Santa and I want to tell him that you have been naughty.” She promised she would be good and I swear for the rest of that year, she was a different kid. Thank you, Santa helper. When she was 4, I went to a counselor because I was sure her behavior was not appropriate. Well, 1 hour and $100 later, the doctor assured me that Ivy was very normal and that what was not normal were my expectations of her. Well that was kind of hard to take, but he gave me lots of great tools and information that changed our relationship forever.

Ivy is now a loving, talented, gorgeous young lady. She can make me laugh all the way to my soul. She and I are now best friends and I am blessed to be her mom!

MY OLDESTIvy Cropped


Motherhood is the gift that keeps on giving!


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