Meet Patricia

Meet Patricia

Patricia Robinson Washington July 6, 2015 0

Meet Patricia

Hello there everyone. My name is Patricia and I would like to introduce myself assuming we have never met. I am a fabulously fun and crazy woman that loves life and all of the amazing experiences it has to offer. I am a mom of a 17 year old oversized teenager or young adult as some would like to say and I am a breast cancer survivor.

I am also a “Chairapist,” better known as a hairstylist in these parts of town. I want to share my story because I feel every woman has a voice but sometimes those voices are small whispers. My voice on the other hand, is a bullhorn and I want to tell everyone how wonderful life is and how happy that I am to be here.

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I was diagnosed with stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer in January 2014. I will never forget that phone call but I can not quite recall exactly what was said after the first “I am sorry to tell you this, but….” It has been a rough year and a half, but I have been determined to fight fearlessly with grace and have the time of my life while doing it! (easier said than done, but that was and continues to be my focus)

I had to come to terms with my diagnosis before I told my family. I did not even know how I felt, so it was really hard to express my feelings to others for a while. I cried, but it was not a daily cry of self-defeat; it was a “hey girl, you got this. Now get up and dust yourself off and fight,” type of cry. I had a few sick days and the chemotherapy was unbearable at times. Everyday, I reminded myself that nothing lasts forever but death and taxes. I truly felt in order to be a great mom and not worry my son, I had to demonstrate my determination to kick some breast cancer ass.

I started my blog, www.mytittytriedtokillme.com and I just let it rip. I talked to my son and explained that some people may not make it through, but I was going to fight as hard as I could, so that I could torture him with my crazy mom kisses and nosey ways, nagging and everything else in between that we moms do to get on our kids nerves.

I guess it’s safe to say that being a “Chairapist,” is coming in handy, as I talk my way through this life challenge.


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