Personal Inventory

Personal Inventory

January 11, 2017 0

Personal Inventory

It’s a new year and for some (myself included), this means it’s a time for self reflection. I do not commit to new year’s resolutions every year, but something that is consistent annually and sometimes semi-annually, is carving out space to create a personal inventory of my life. I ask myself questions like, what’s good? What’s bad? What’s ugly? How can I improve? How can I grow? In what areas am I thriving? Where am I drowning?

For 2017, my priority is my health: Mental/Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. I also want to continue growing in my music. I am excited to report that I accomplished what I set out to do musically in 2016 and wrote my first original song. I actually wrote quite a few and picked up the guitar to boot! Look forward to sharing that original music with you later this year but if you haven’t already checked out my music website (also a product of 2016), please do so here: BRIANNA RUELAS MUSIC.

Part of my personal inventory involves taking a look in the mirror on how I am doing as a Mother. I have certainly had my highs and lows recently in this department, but today I read something so beautiful. I am inspired daily by a Dallas author, blogger and Entrepreneur named Ellen Miller. In her book, “The One Year Book of Inspiration for Girlfriends” she so wisely and lovingly notes the following on aging:

“Rather than compare our aging process and progress to that our girlfriends, we will instead focus on the legacy of joy, inspiration, and adventure that we will individually and collectively leave to every little girl and young woman whose lives we touch.”  – Ellen Miller

For a mom of three beautiful girls, this really hit home. I know how much my mother, my friend’s moms and other women in my life have impacted my growth and I can say for certain that I want to leave a legacy of strength and love, as well as a fighting spirit, to all young girls and women I am able to reach.  When I become too wrapped up in my own circumstance, I lose the precious opportunity to live and breath positive insight into others.

If it’s been a while, take a few moments to be quiet and ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Is this the woman I want to be?
  2. What do I love about my life?
  3. What is something I have control over, that I would change about my life?
  4. Am I taking responsibility for my actions?
  5. Am I growing or just “comfortable?”
  6. What do I need to put in motion?

We are never alone in our journey! Don’t be afraid to dig deep. You might discover a new thing or two about yourself that’s been hiding out.

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