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Michelle Levall December 11, 2015 0


I believe my purpose in life is to raise Christian children to become strong Christian Adults. I had this revelation when I held my first daughter in my arms. But more recently I discovered another revelation; I believe I am here to help facilitate memories.


I learned this about myself after the death of both my maternal grandparents. I helped my mother with their estate, and we had many late nights in my grandparent’s house throwing away all the things that were important to them. We sold many of my grandmother’s things at an estate sale. Though we tried to keep as much as we could it just wasn’t possible. When I sat there at my grandfather’s funeral I saw that the hoards of people there to celebrate his life, what he did for them, and the way he made them feel. I learned, the experiences we have in life can’t be thrown away or sold at auction. They are with us forever. After that experience I knew that I didn’t need to care about what I had, but what I did.

I have always loved parties and gatherings. I enjoy opening my home to family and friends, and I overdo every holiday. We have a limited amount of money to spend so I have learned to be thrifty and creative. I believe the experiences we create are so much more memorable. My husband and I try to make sure that our three children understand the true purpose of Christmas. If you asked them what gifts they got last year, I’m sure they couldn’t tell you. But they can tell you what we did as a family. I also have a wonderful circle of friends and try to make my role in the group as a memory maker. I plan get-togethers, birthday parties and theme nights so we can all sit back years later and laugh about all the joy we had together.


Now I have never been someone who has really cared about “things”, but all these experiences solidified my belief in creating memories and doing whatever I can to make someone else’s day a little better. I do this especially with my family, sometimes over doing it in Clark Griswold fashion. But, I live with the guilt from a divorce and I find each moment I have with my oldest daughters precious. With the holidays coming up, it’s so important that we all use this time to teach our children and show others by example. That it’s not about the “stuff” you buy. It’s about people and your love for them. In the words of Dr Suess:

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more”.


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