Resolutions or Not?
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Resolutions or Not?

December 29, 2015 6


I say YES to resolutions! And not because I enjoy satisfaction in breaking them, but because I honestly and intentionally want to grow and be a stronger, happier ME! I like to dig in deep, laugh hard and full, have a good cry when I need it, and get on my knees and pray when I need it MOST. I believe resolutions can offer hope and perspective. I believe they challenge us to step up where we are lacking and sometimes even more necessary, acknowledge areas where we may need to cut ourselves a little bit of slack. We can be PRETTY TOUGH on ourselves sometimes.

So, here we go. A few resolutions of my own that you may relate to:

A while back, I stopped running. I can’t say I stopped because I was lazy or didn’t enjoy it. I love running. But, I stopped. And guess what? I need to start running again. It clears my head, relieves my stress and gives me time for ME. Making time for me, is important, so I will start running again.

I am singer. I have always wanted to finish my own song. I have roughly 50 songs started over the last 4 years. Maybe more. In 2016, I will finish at least ONE SONG! I giggle as I write that, because this resolution sounds pathetic. But, as a creative, finishing one song feels like a very lofty goal. One in which I game to pursue.

I will let go. I have made mistakes. I have been hurt. I fall short. I beat myself up. I allow my own happiness to fall to the wayside because I harbor sadness and resentment. I will let go. I will DIG DEEP, forgive myself, forgive others and MOVE FORWARD. 

I will have more fun. I will dance more. I will sing more. I will laugh more. I will CHOOSE to enjoy my life MORE. And in the spirt of that, I will play my favorite “pick me up” song of 2015.

downtown cover

Happy New Year! Choose to have a great 2016.

Until then – Brianna


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  • Patti carrasco says:

    I was just thinking about resolutions this morning. The one about making time for ME is number one on my list. For me, that means, getting to the gym 3 times a week, even if that means sacrificing a little time with the kids here and there. I have a health and body goal by 40 and that is only 1 year away. Ahgggh.

    My 2nd resolution is putting my marriage at the top of my list, not the bottom. Just because it is important. And it needs my attention.

    And 3rd is to spend some good quality time with each of my kids individually by taking each one on a “date” once a month.

    Brie, I am looking forward to 2016! Xo

  • Thanks for sharing Patti! All of those things listed above are tops for me too and I think a lot of women can relate! Cheers to a great 2016!

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