So Worth It

So Worth It

Monica Lee June 21, 2016 7


If you read my last entry, you’d know that I settled into my new home in Nashville and when not working on music, wife-ing, mothering or cleaning, I try catching up with myself! It is not something that happens easily. When Jim and I decided to start a family 14 years ago, we knew we’d be entering a season of shelving certain things for a while…..so worth it to have this family!
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Now let me tell you what happened on the way to entering a different, more free season with our 3 kids….well maybe not “free” so much, but a season where the kids are more independent. Jim led a mission trip to Haiti with a group of high schoolers about 4 years ago this very month. The team went out from New Life Children’s home in Port-au-Prince where they were staying to do a “feeding” at a much poorer orphanage. In the midst of feeding the kids peanut butter sandwiches and juice, a little girl who resembled our daughter caught Jim’s attention. She ran off and brought her identical twin sister over….Jim lost his heart to Merline and Merlande that day and came home wanting to adopt them!


After a time of deep questioning, searching our hearts and talking with our kids, we prayed and decided to pursue adoption. This meant for the next four years, we would curtail our normal routine and start traveling down to Haiti about every three months to bond with the girls. Normally just Jim or I would travel down, maybe with one of our kids, maybe solo. Our entire family travelled twice there over Thanksgiving and Easter holidays. It was really amazing to see our kids playing with not only their twin sisters-to-be, but all the kids at the home. It was an incredible, character building and adventurous time! The part that wasn’t adventurous was the paperwork…Jim handled it like a pro and followed our timeline very carefully.


Fast forward four years, we are madly preparing the girls’ room in our new home in Nashville. It will take every ounce of faith, strength, patience, courage and love to expand our home for Merline and Merlande. But like when you have a new baby, parents just do what they have to do at the time they need to do it. This is how we will proceed….preparation, a spirit of flexibility and lots of prayer! In about three to five months, we will continue forward in life with our 5 children and still attempt to find that balance of feeding our souls as well. There will be some shelving of things for a time, but again it will be….so worth it!


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  • Marcia says:

    So excited for you all! Happy to welcome you to the 5 club, what an adventure for sure. I will continue to pray for you all and look forward to meeting the girls! Love and hugs, Marcia

  • Janice Griffin here, Monica’s mom. I named Monica after ‘”Monica” in Carlo Menot’s Opera, the Medium. This character demonstrated the kindness, compassion, love and caring I wished for my daughter. As an army brat, our children faced many adjustment challenges. I believe our close walk at that time with our faith gave them the tools that they needed to handel an unusual life.
    We had five children and for 7 years raised their two uncles. I’m happy to witness our daughters’ maturities and deep faith that continually is demonstrated through acts of generosity and kindness.
    I thank my maker everyday for the joy Monica brings to me. I wish her satisfying success in this new adventure and am excited to meet the girls! Two more granddaughters to love on .

  • Jeannie Hood says:

    I just LOVE your story…I am very excited for you as you will soon be bringing those adorable girls home! The Lord of course will give you & Jim all you need as you prepare for your growing family! God is so good!
    Oh..I worked with Jim at South Coast Comm. Church a very long time ago. He was one of my fav pastors! I so look forward to hearing about everything!

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