Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

June 27, 2016 0

Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

I wish I was clever enough to come up with that title, but it is actually from a great song I was inspired by this week sung by Danny Gokey.

The lyrics are beautiful, honest, full of hope and as I listened to them this past week, I was reminded how far I have come. We all experience dark times, frustrating times, heartbreak, loss. Seasons in our lives, when in the midst of them, we aren’t sure how we will emerge from the depths or if we will ever feel “normal” again.  I openly confess that I do not muscle my way through challenges on my own. It is only through my faith which has taught me patience, forgiveness, surrender and grace that I am able to push through some of my toughest days.

My faith also reminds me I am never alone and my war wounds eventually shape me into a stronger, more whole human being. They also translate into “my” story.  We cannot repeat the same actions daily and expect different results. As life rolls on, we must be flexible, adjust, and change our ways even, if we desire change. Growth is not easy and can be painful, but the end result brings us to the place we are meant to be. Depending on your perception, it can either be a masterpiece or a disaster. Is your glass half empty or half full?

I love how the lyrics, (song written by Bernie Herms, Matthew West and Randy Phillips) create a clear visual of our past:

“Yesterday’s a closing door
You don’t live there anymore
Say goodbye to where you’ve been
And tell your heart to beat again”

Be A Phoenix! Rise from the ashes.

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