Trader Joe’s November Wine Buy of The  Month

Trader Joe’s November Wine Buy of The Month

Natasha Joseph November 13, 2015 0

Trader Joe’s November Wine Buy of The Month

I can smell the holiday season brewing in the air. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are making plans that involve family, food, feasting and football. In my home, it also means WINE is on the brain! Thanksgiving week is a special one for me because it was on Thanksgiving Eve many years ago, I discovered I had fallen head over heels in love with my now, husband! We joke that we fell in love with the little help from a great wine, Cigarzin Zin produced in Lodi, California. As a side note because I am wine geek, Lodi produces some delicious Zinfandel (or as I like to call it, “some great juice!”)  If you get the opportunity, take a chance on Zins from this region, as they are responsible for nearly one-third of California’s production! Long story short, Thanksgiving = Wine in my house! (and pecan baking of course!)

But I digress.. this post is all about my great friend Natasha’s monthly pick from our favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s: http://www.traderjoes.com. I am super excited about this bottle because it’s great buy on a solid wine! And without further adieu, here is Natasha’s November Wine Buy of the Month!

I am sure that many of you have heard of the Platinum Reserve variety of wine at Trader Joe’s.  I had  no idea this even existed until I was at the store this past weekend.  The knowledgeable gentleman informed me that this line was only released last year, and that the wine that they got in the store was gone within the day!!! What?! Wow!  So, of course I had to grab the Cab and Chardonnay they had on hand.  I told myself that if I loved the Cab, then I would go back to the store the next day and buy more…. Well….. I was back at the store today, and thank goodness they still have some!!

trader joes platinum cabSo here is the info I have on this bad boy.  It is Cabernet Sauvignon from Yountville in Napa Valley. This is the 2011 vintage, and only 2416 cases were produced!! The bottle is a little more expensive than your average Joe’s buy at $14.99; however, it is SO worth it!  I was so eager to try it, that my husband and I shared the bottle with some grass fed beef burgers and sweet potato fries.  The wine is excellent.  It is not a BIG Cab; but it can easily go with steak or a grand Holiday meal.  Rich in flavor, great tannins, leaves you with a lingering and satisfying finish.  This would easily be a 30-40$ bottle of wine if there was another label on it!  And with this I say “drive, run, or walk to your nearest Trader Joe’s and get yourself some of this amazing Platinum Cab!”  Just don’t go to my store, because I will definitely be going back to get more!

Trader joes platinum Nove Wine Buy_2

And what Natasha really means is, “just don’t go to my store, because I will definitely be going back to purchase any and all of the Platinum Reserve they have left in stock!”  Thanks Natasha, for delivering once again, some great TJ’s insider info. You can check out Natasha’s EMS Contributor page and all her posts here: EMS Contributor Natasha Joseph.  Need to lengthen your lashes or pick up some new makeup? Order something fabulous from Younique at: Lashes From Natasha


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