Trader Joe’s October Wine Buy of the Month

Trader Joe’s October Wine Buy of the Month

Natasha Joseph October 1, 2015 0

Trader Joe’s October Wine Buy of the Month

Hooray for Fall! In Texas, we are still feeling the heat, but cheers to the hope we feel the cool down soon! Once again, Every Mom’s Story Contributor, Natasha is back to offer her best Trader Joe’s wine buy of the month!  Hopefully you’ve tried our September suggestion by now, but if not, here’s your reminder to grab it before it’s gone! Check out Natasha’s September Wine Buy of the Month!

Natasha’s Pick for TJ’s October Wine Buy of the Month:
Grand Reserve Merlot Stags Leap Lot 70

tjs grand merlot


This month, I am pleased to review the wonderful Grand Reserve Merlot Stags Leap Lot 70.  When you see a wine with the Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve label on it, you can be absolutely sure you’re looking at a bottle of wine that, if purchased elsewhere in a “brand” label, would cost you at least twice as much as you’ll pay for that same wine at Trader Joe’s.  This bottle is currently sold for $12.99, so imagine drinking a very similar $25 bottle of wine instead, and this one does not disappoint.  It’s a strikingly deep-red colored, rich, elegant wine that showcases the bold, full-bodied characteristics that are expected in a high-quality Napa Merlot.  Just like with any Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve, this one is limited.  So, if you like this bottle, go and get more while it is still in stores!

Region: Napa Valley

Country: USA

Composition: 87% Merlot, 11% Segalin, 2% Winemaker’s Red Blend

Tasting Notes: Plentiful fresh fruit with hints of wild berries, red raspberries, and vanilla

I can’t wait to grab this bottle! Hope you enjoy yours!  Check out Natasha’s EMS Contributor page and all her posts: EMS Contributor Natasha Joseph.  Need to lengthen your lashes or pick up some new makeup? Order something fabulous from Younique at: Lashes From Natasha


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