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Recently I was reminded of the importance of transparency, to show others that we all hurt, we all have bad days and we all go through rough stuff. It’s nice to know you are not alone when you see someone feel the same way you do. When strolling through Social media, we are exposed to many different types of people. Or at least what these people want us to see of them. I use Facebook as a scrapbook. It’s a great place to store my memories and keep photos together. I am a huge believer in documenting life and creating memories. I choose not to air dirty laundry or vent and complain. Now that being said, we all have our moments of weakness because it feels so good to commiserate.

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I’m sure people look at my life on social media and think I have it all together with all our professional family photos and cute stories about my kids and how happily married I am. Now, all those things are true, but there is more going on in my life outside what I choose to show on Facebook. We are just like everyone else. We have our crap. Money woes, family pressures, and typical life stuff. I have decided to use this blog to reflect a more honest, transparent view of my world. So, I am here to say, no, my life is not perfect by any means.

I am 5 months pregnant, and I hate it!! For someone who has three children already you would think I would like it, but the answer is NO. I love children, I hate pregnancy. I am not a glowing pregnant lady with energy for days and cute maternity clothes. No, I am a smelly, hairy, sleepy, hungry, grumpy lady who gains excessive weight. Basically, name one of the Seven Dwarfs, and I have those characteristics. I also suffer from depression when pregnant, and my “morning” sickness almost never wanes.

I have a husband who works a lot. He has to, we have a big family. I have a child who has anxiety, a child who has a love for all things involving herself, and another who is stubborn and pushes my boundaries daily. We experience tragedies. We were forced to leave the home that I loved because of a crooked landlord. We also suffered a miscarriage this summer that broke my heart. However, I am a very positive person and it takes a dump truck of negativity to knock me down.

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I have a strong Faith in God so when He chose to let that pregnancy go, I trusted in Him. I have never had a full appreciation of money, so having some or not having some doesn’t really bother me. I see the trials of raising my girls as a lesson for me in patience and understanding. I am reminded daily when I see my growing belly of the Joy this baby will bring to my world. So, as you see, we are all the same. We are all going through life just trying to get through the day.  We are doing our best not to royally screw up our kids and to keep a smile on our faces. What you see on Social media is the person who people want you to see, it’s not always all there is. No one is perfect and no one has it all together all the time.



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  • Michelle, you are honest, real and genuine! Agreed, life is not perfect. Yes, we all have our “stuff!” Yes! The pictures we see of our friends/contacts/acquaintances on Facebook can make us feel like we are missing the boat sometimes. This is real life and what my blog is all about. REAL MOMS LIVING REAL LIVES. This post embodies that! Thank you!

  • Laura Alley says:

    Thank you Michelle for pulling back the curtain. No one is perfect. It’s our imperfections that make us unique. I love you and am proud to call you my little sister

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