Trite But True

Trite But True

Kerrie Fielden September 4, 2015 4

Trite But True

I know it sounds so trite, but it is SO true. Children grow up so FAST!

A few pointers I would like to pass along ladies. Find your passion. What makes you smile? I have always loved interior design. After my kids flew the nest, I decided to become a Home Stager. Easier said than done. Along the way, you find out what you are really made of. Turns out I am more of an Indian than a Chief. I didn’t like the “business” part of having my own business. The tedious work was so boring. Things like setting up a tax ID#, getting business cards, designing and maintaining a website etc. I just wanted to help people make their homes beautiful. All that being said, I decided to do what I do best… volunteer!

I found a wonderful organization, Dwell with Dignity. It is a nonprofit group of interior designers and volunteers dedicated to creating beautiful, soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. PERFECT!  I get the best of both worlds, helping those less fortunate and getting to stage homes too. Check out their web page www.dwellwithdignity.org. A truly awesome organization. I have also started working part-time for a company that helps move senior citizens who are downsizing into new places. Transitioners will pack, oversee the move, unpack and then stage their unfamiliar dwelling into a beautiful home. I never could have dreamed of the different paths this new “career” would lead me. God is good.

dwell with dignityThe advice I want to leave with you is to always have a purpose.  A life without purpose it not much of a life at all!  We all need a reason to get up in the mornings.

Good Luck,


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  • Rachel says:

    Love your story!

  • Janet Avery says:

    Congrats on finding something fulfilling! Love working with you at Thrift Studio . . .

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