Balancing Me

Balancing Me

Cristal Givens October 12, 2015 0

Balancing Me

Every day is a tightrope walk where I am constantly trying to find balance. Choices between work and family, being the wife and mom, a daughter and friend, the boss and co-worker, the choices are endless and finding a way to carve out some time for just me (spiritually, mentally and physically) is like a fleeting after thought.

Sleep has become my rationalized “ME” time. The 30 minutes prior to bed and upon awakening is the hour I am able to carve out to at least get the spiritual and mental maintenance I need. The one I have struggled with most of my life though is the physical maintenance and it continues to elude me.

When will I learn to make an hour of my day sacred to keeping my body healthy with some form of physical exercise? If I could make every thought of exercise actionable, I would be tone and full of energy! But alas, I think about it plenty but mostly find excuses through the other demands of my time.

Well, today is the day! I am making a pledge in a public forum. Starting now, I pledge to spend at least 15 minutes a day in some form of physical exercise and every minute beyond that, I will consider a bonus!

What will my accountability be? Great question. I am sure Brianna will be checking in on me and if you choose, you can ping me on Facebook to remind me of my pledge: Cristal On Facebook

Here’s to a healthier balanced me!


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