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Being Mindful

Cristal Givens October 14, 2015 0


Someone told me when Saxon was still a baby, “Every 6 months you will think you finally have it down and then wake to feel you are starting all over again. You will panic for a brief moment and then realize, it’s fine, you’ve got this and just sit in amazement at the growth of the little person you have the honor of raising.”

Ever since then, I have been more mindful of the turn of the seasons and making it a point to congratulate the BOTH of us and tell Saxon, “We’ve got this!” It is all the more special when she is in the moment with me—remarking on her own journey.

I know this is cliché but it is no less true. This time is fleeting and before I know it she will be dating, driving and gulp…moving out and finding her independence! There will never be enough mindful moments to take in the beauty of this little girl as she grows from toddler to now pre-teen and beyond. So for now, I will live in the now and be grateful for every hug, hand-hold, tuck-in request, homework frustration, eye-roll and talk-back, because today I will never get back.


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