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Spring is in full swing and as each day passes, I think to myself, “I haven’t talked to Paige in a while.” Or “hmmm… my sister and I usually chat several time a week, but I haven’t heard from her.” I know I am not alone, but with the busyness of Spring, I am officially overwhelmed! I simply do not have the energy, or the hours in a day to accomplish everything on my plate and it’s a problem. I knew it was bad when a month ago, I  made a costly mistake in one of my businesses. I should start by saying that I understand we are not perfect and we all make mistakes, but this one forced me to look at the WHY behind the mistake. Why, after a year and a half of doing the same thing each month, did I drop the ball? The Answer? I was juggling too much. I had too many irons in the fire. I was burning the wick at both ends, etc…

That’s me! A Multi-tasker. Usually, I have it together. Home, Marriage, Kids, Business, I make it all work. I always say it’s about balance, but right now, there is no balance. It is crazy-town to the max and I’m holding on for the ride, pushing through the stress. For the first time in years, I am recognizing the great need to say NO. Saying no, is important for my own sanity, my own health and the well-being of my family. When I push myself beyond my limits, I not only break down physically and emotionally, but my patience goes out the window and “the wrath of mom” is unleashed. The last thing my girls deserve is me yelling at them for no fault of their own. They are pretty wonderful and with the exception of my two year old that contributes to my crazy daily, they are very helpful.

So, what is my solution? When there is a problem, I always seek the solution. For starters, I will thoughtfully consider each ask I receive over the next month and say NO as much as possible. I will also think “BIG PICTURE.” It’s countdown to Summer and with the school year winding down, several commitments I have made will be behind me.  I need to re-prioritize and set work hours. Because a lot of my work is done at home, my computer stays open the majority of my day. This means I am checking emails while cooking dinner, giving baths and than wrap up additional work, post bedtime routine. Clearly, the computer needs to be shut down at some point and the cell phone needs to be put away!

“It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

I absolutely love everything I am doing in life right now. I am very proud of our family business and thankful we have the opportunity to keep moving it forward. I am surrounded by music, officially songwriting, enjoy teaching and mentoring young artists, and even have a few gigs lined up. With all of it, however, I must get back to my personal balance and ensure family comes first. It’s time I stop letting Spring drag me around!


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  • Michele says:

    I admit I have been too busy to read your blog lately. But today something told me “just open it”! And I did. You wrote about the exact way I am feeling. So true, this Spring is kicking my butt. Anxiously awaiting summer and some chill time!!! You are not alone. And thanks for putting so many of our feelings into words.

  • Anne Foster says:

    Very thoughtful for anyone who reads — thanks!

  • Cristina says:

    Amen, Sister! Every year I think, next year, I won’t let spring run me over, and yet, here I am again! Thanks for the reminder to put what’s important first and the rest will happen when it needs to. 🙂

  • MOM says:

    My usual one—Go with the flow!

  • Skae says:

    Ha! Mom says go with the flow – I’m on a roaring rapid using my hands as paddles

  • Monica Lee says:

    Good one. I’m sure all moms can relate to this…Spring is what it is for a working mom with multiple kids and a household to run…it will eat us alive if we let it. Good word….balance! Everything in moderation, moderation being the part where we say “no” or at least contemplate it before spitting out a quick “yes of course!” (that dern people pleaser in me!).
    Yay Every Mom’s Story Blog!

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