Sun-dried Tomato Chicken and Rice One Pot Recipe

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken and Rice One Pot Recipe

June 14, 2016 0

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken and Rice One Pot Recipe

It has been a while since I shared a new recipe and this one is a variation of an old one pot chicken I posted last Summer. Things have been pretty busy at my house, but now that Summer is here, I have a little extra time on my hands to get creative in the kitchen again!

This is a SIMPLE recipe, that does require a little time, using ingredients that you already have either in your freezer, pantry or fridge. For this recipe, you can interchange whatever vegetables and spices you have on hand if you don’t have time to make a grocery run.

It’s a Summer afternoon and I’d rather be relaxing in the kitchen than folding laundry, so cheers to June!

Let’s remember the basics when you’re cooking with me at Every Mom’s Story: Step One: Pour the vino (Priorities People). Step Two: Crank up the tunes! Grace Potter is still my go to girl and her newest album out has really grown on me! If you still have no idea who Grace Potter is, you’re missing out!! I won’t keep you any any longer from enjoying her amazing talent! Check her out and download her music: GRACE POTTER WEBSITE. Step Three: Salud!

Grace Potter has quite the effect on my youngest when we crank her up in my house!
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Grace Potter – InstigatorsRuby and Grace Potter

Ingredients I found in in my pantry/fridge and freezer for the dinner menu:

Defrosted Chicken Thighs (Bone In)
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Olive Oil
White Rice
Chicken Stock
Broccoli – Florets
Carrots- Chopped
White Wine
Dry Spices: Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Basil, Ginger Powder, Salt, Pepper

sun-dried tomato chicken

Getting Started:

Marinade Chicken Thighs by first sprinkling them on both sides will all of the spices listed above. Feel free to omit anything that doesn’t sound desirable for you. I personally love Smoked Paprika on my chicken and white fish. Add olive oil to a zip-loc bag and throw marinated chicken bag in refrigerator for the afternoon or until you’re ready to get cooking.

chicken marinade

When you’re ready to cook, heat up 1/3 cup of olive oil in Dutch Oven over Med-High Heat. Don’t add to much olive oil!

Brown Skin Side of Chicken Thighs for 5 minutes until golden brown. Flip and brown for 2 more minute and remove from pan.

Add ¼ cup white wine or so and scrape up the glaze from the dutch oven pot with a wooden spoon. If there’s any excess oil left, the white wine will work to evaporate the oil.

Add chopped carrots and sauté on medium for five minutes. Add broccoli and sauté on medium for another three minutes. Remove vegetables and add chopped sundried tomatoes and sauté another two minutes.

Add 1 ¼ cup rice and 1 ½ cup of chicken stock

Mix together and scrape bottom of dutch oven with soft spatula or wooden spoon while bringing to a boil.

Place Chicken on top of the rice, layered with cooked vegetables that were set aside.

Reduce heat to LOW and cover. Cook for 30-35 minutes
Half way through, check rice by lifting riitce GENTLY from the bottom of pan.
(this part is tricky.. don’t let the veggies and chicken move to the bottom of the dutch oven)

Remove from heat after the 35 minutes!

Check out the finished product! Sooo good. Rice has the great flavor and color from the sun-dried tomato and the chicken is cooked through and tender. Success. Compliment with your favorite vino! Yum Yum!

chicken and sun-dried tomato dish



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